Pinoo Secondary School Package

Pinoo Secondary School Package

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Pinoo Secondary School Set' Organizations that have

5, 6, 7 It offers a total of 28 weeks of curriculum to 8th and 8th grade students. Students can access the contents of the week through Google Classroom.

In their Google Classroom accounts, students

  • video
  • mind map
  • application file
  • can access the manual.

E-book support available .


Pinoo Control Board

Arduino Nano

Red Led Module

Yellow Led Module

Green Led Module

Buzzer Module

Button Module

Servo Motor Module

Distance Sensor

Soil Moisture Sensor

Motion Sensor

Tilt Impact Sensor

Temperature Humidity Sensor

Lcd Display Module

Potentiometer Module

Joystick Module

Water Level Sensor

Light Sensing Sensor

Dc Motor


Battery Cap

What is Pinoo ?

Pinoo products, control card, sensor developed for quick and easy prototyping of projects that require coding and electronic and robotic equipment in the minds of individuals aged 7-77 who are interested in coding, robotics, maker and technology. is a family of engines and modules.


  • Easy connection and coding system,
  • Control cards suitable for all levels and dozens of sensor types,
  • Full compatibility with Maker and Tübitak projects,
  • Pinoo Studio coding editor,
  • Text andstructure suitable for block-based coding,
  • Compatibility with mBlock and Arduino IDE,
  • Mechanical parts that can be 3D printed,
  • Augmented reality application,
  • Hundreds of sample projects and training videos
  • With its user-oriented warranty and support serviceis an indispensable material for children, teenagers, tech-savvy adults, teachers and families.